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Ponca Recordings to Kelly Lowrance from Marvin Pair.

Identifier: 2015-019

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16 digital files of Ponca Songs, previously collected and recorded.

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Traded by Kelly Lowrance, 5/4/2015

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These materials are currently unprocessed, and of ambiguous copyright status. Therefore access will require the permission of the Librarian of Special Collections.



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Jump Dr. 1 Recording 8 Ponca Soldier Dance Songs Lamont Brown, Morris Lookout, Albert Waters Recorded 1/66 Recording 19 9 Ponca Trot Songs - 12/28/1990 By Harry Buffalohead Translations: Harry Buffalohead Christmas 1990 Ponca City, OK Recording 20 Ponca Hethushka Songs # 1 Sylvester Warrior, Lamont Brown, H. Buffalohead, Frank Waters, Ida Waters Ponca City, OK August 1964 Recording 21 Ponca Hethushka Songs #2 Sylvester Warrior, Lamont Brown, H. Buffalohead, Frank Waters, Ida Waters Ponca City, OK August 1964 Jump Dr. 2 Recording 22 War Dance Songs of the Ponca - Volumes 1 & 2 Songs Extracted from Indian House Records Translated by Harry Buffalohead Extracts Recorded By Jon Orens, Earl Fenner July & November 1986 # White Eagle, OK & Baltimore, Maryland Recording 33 Wolf Songs This is a compilation of all the Wolf Songs Marvin knows of Francis Eagle singing starting song for Wolf Songs Harry singing Wolf Songs - the first song Marvin considers the big bad daddy of them all Recording 38 Ponca Songs - Francis Eagle Ponca Wolf Dance & Ghost Dance Side A - Ponca War Dance Songs Sung by Francis Eagle Side B - Ponca Wolf Dance? Ghost Dance Recording 72 Snake & Buffalo, Woman Singers Song, Pawhuska District War Dance Snake & Buffalo Song: S. Warrior, L. Brown Snake & Buffalo Song: Charlie Anquoe, Justin Poolaw, Roland Whitehorse, John Emhoolah Woman Singers Song: S. Warrior, L. Brown Women Singers Song: Pawhuska District lnlonshka June 1984 Pawhuska District War Dance 6/19/65: Albert Waters, S. Warrior, L. Brown, H. Buffalohead, Joe Rush, Russell Rush, Louie Faw Faw, Adam LeClaire, Doug No Ear, Thurman Waters, Clyde Warrior, Lenera Buffalohead, Bessie LeClaire, Edith Waters, etc. JumpDr.3 Recording 84 Ponca War Dance Songs 6/2/65 Harry Buffalohead, Lamont Brown, Sylvester Warrior, Thurman Waters, Alice Littlecook, Elvira Blaine This tape contains various war dance, trot songs including obscure trot songs, nostampe or tiptoe songs and rolling the drum songs. Recording 85 43 Ponca War Dance Songs Lamont Brown Ponca War Dance Songs - 43 Songs Sung & Translated By Lamont Brown, 1971 Side A Vocable songs Word Songs Side B Word Songs Vocable songs Veteran Songs Recording 87 Handgame & Hethushka Committee Songs Harry Buffalohead Side A Ponca Handgame & Wolf Songs Harry Buffalohead 6/24/1991 Recorded by: Marvin Pair ECF#l203 Side B Handgame & Hethushka Committee Songs with discussion of their use. Harry Buffalohead 11-17-1986 Baltimore, MD. Jon Orens & Earl Fenner Fenner/ Orens Col #688 Recording 109 Ponca Scalp Dance, White Horse Riders, Chiefs, I'Gazige Songs. Ponca Scalp Dance Songs. Sylvester Warrior & Lamont Brown CA: 1968 Fenner/ Orens Collection # 86A Ponca White Horse Riders, Chiefs, Iā€™Gazige Songs. Sylvester Warrior & Joe Rush Fenner/ Orens Collection# 86 B (Iga zi ge waan) Jump Dr.4 Recording 223 Harry, Jon, Earl Ponca Songs w/ translations 1991 1 of 2 Side B of the tape is side A of the recording Related to Recording 114 Recording 114 Harry, Jon, Earl Ponca Songs W/Translations 2 of2 Side B is blank Recording 116 Ponca Scalp & Wolf Dance Songs H. Buffalohead Ponca Scalp & Wolf Dance Songs Sung By H. Buffalohead White Eagle, OK Collected by Jon Orens. 7/86 Ponca #60 l ECF Songs of the Ponca Tribe of OK, translated by H. Buffalohead (word file) Recording 30 Mitchell Roy, Marland, OK 1965 Ponca Methodist Church 1965