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Eliot Indian Bible

Identifier: 1977-012

Content Description

Mamusse wunneetupanatamwe Up-Biblum God : naneeswe Nukkone Testament kah wonk Wusku Testament / ne quoshkinnumuk nashpe wuttinneumoh Christ noh asoowesit John Eliot, nahohtôeu ontchetôe printeuoomuk. Signatures: 1 p. l. unsigned (title of whole Bible, verso blank); A-Ẑ4, Aa-Zẑ4, Aaa-Zzẑ4, Aaaa-Zzzẑ4, Aaaaa-Ooooô4, Ppppp[ ] (Old Testament); [Ppppp ] (recto blank, verso List of books of both Testaments); A-Ẑ4, Aa-Iî4, Kk-Kk2 (New Testament, versos of [A1],Kk2 blank); Kk3-[Kk4], Ll-Yŷ4227}0(metrical psalms); 1 leaf unsigned (rules for Christian living). Vol. 2 has special t.-p. only: VVvskv wuttestamentum nul-Lordumun Iesus Christ nuppoquoh wussuaeneumun. Cambridge [Mass.] : Printed for the Right Honorable Corporation in London, for the propogation of the gospel among the Indians in New-England, 1680. The 2nd edition of Eliot's Bible, revised by him, with the assistance of John Cotton. For detailed description of this and other editions, cf. Pilling, Bibliography of the Algonquian languages, 1891.

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Sent on approval by Colin Franklin, and paid for by an anonymous doner.

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0.3 Linear Feet : 2 volumes in 1 ([854, 362] pages) ; 20 cm